Please Note

Prices correct as of 20 September 2019

Rents are index linked to the pension. Rents are calculated on only 78% of the pension payment plus government rental assistance. You retain the balance of the pension plus all of the supplement payments. With each pension increase (20 March and 20 September) rents will be recalculated to remain at 78% and residents will be advised of the new amount.

Single Occupancy Per fortnight Per week
Pension 850.40 425.20
78% of pension = 663.31 331.65
plus govt. rental assistance 138.00    69.00
Cost of Rental $ 801.31 $ 400.65
Balance of pension 187.09 93.55
Pension supplement   68.90   34.45
Clean Energy Supplement   14.10     7.05
Amount Retained $ 270.09 $ 135.05

Rental payments can be direct debited or cash/cheque paid fortnightly in advance. It is a requirement that a minimum of 2 weeks notice of intention to vacate is given.

A bond of $500 is payable either prior to moving in or in installments as agreed to.